★How can I use your social network?

Yes, as your wish you can use our social network there has no any restrictions.

★Why this platform different from other social media network?

We are not compare with any other sites, we just maintain our site according to our strongpolicy, customer's safety, security and easy solutions. We try to give our customers bestfacilities. Always we think about our customers priority. Definitely you will get best facilitiesand we are trying to give you more than others.

★What kind of advantages are there in your platform?

As well as all the advantages you will get in our platform like others social media sites andalso you will get extra benefits those are not available in other sites. You can get earningssupport from our platform with guarantee in your daily life.

★Shall I keep secure my account in this platform?

Yes,100% sure we are giving you about your account safety, security which is not able to getfrom other sites or platforms. We are giving you 24 hours services and best support to youfor any help or disadvantages. You just follow our rules and regulations then no one can giveany trouble to your account.The hakers or haters will not get any single opportunity to harmyour account.

★How can you give us 100%secure About our account?

Firstly which device or IP address You login your account same account you and any secondperson try to login any other device or IP address you/he or she must be varify your deviceby your account Gmail. In your account Gmail there will send code number of few digit if youkeep the code number then you and any second person can login your account otherwise it isnot possible.

★If my password, user name knows any unknown persons they can open/login my account?

No, they can't login or access in your account because if any other device or different IPaddress wants to login in your account the code will be require which is goes to be send toyour account Gmail. So without your Gmail code no one can't access to your account untilyou give them. Even if you want to change your username for that also you have to wait 90days. Using byTwo factor varification code you can also secure your account.If we want to withdraw our earnings from my account there will be also any rules andregulations those are need to be follow?Yes, we have some easy process to get your earnings to withdraw, you must verify youraccount with real documents which way we can identify it's your account.

★What is the face identification?

This is one of your favorite option in this way if you keep your real information real photoon your account then any second or third person cannot make any fake account by yourphotos or no one can make any unnecessary things about you. Nobody makes fun about yourpersonality. Your personality is most important to us. We have already support center with10 local languages if you like you can contact with your choice language and we ready tosupport you at any time.


Above all the system if you follow 99.9% your account will be build up with safe way.Nobody can hake your account or miss login. Humble request to you don't share your accountinformation with anyone. If anybody wants your account information with message or someother technical way please don't give them if require you directly contact us about that issue.

★Shall I earn with recreation from this platform?

Yes, you can do it unlimited earning with Honesty and with some daily tasks definitely youshould be real member otherwise you can't do it because of our real member identificationsystems are very active and strong if you fake or cheat type of account using here then it isnot possible.

★How many account can create in same divice?

In one device you can create 5 real account with real information always we suggest youwhen you create an account should be use real information try to use one an account in onedevice.

★How can I add earned points on my account in correct way?

If you follow our rules then there will not any problem to added your points on your accountwallet. Suppose when you get 150 points after that you need click a ads. Like this way afterevery 150 points you must be click a ads and minimum you have to stay with that ads threeminutes and then again you have to back our homepage. If you not to do this tasks then yourpoints will not added properly. Without complete your task if you get withdraw that time ourautomatic checker bot check your task, you did or not if not your payment will be stuck.Whenyou click a ads you should get screen shot in case if you get any trouble to get withdraw thattime as a proof you can submit your screen shot. If you are our pro member then after every1000 points you should be click a ads and just stay with this ads minimum three minutes andthen back to our homepage. If you not to do this task then maybe your points will not addedproperly on your account.

★What methods are there to get withdraw of my earnings?

For your benefit we are trying to give you payment on your local currency. We have somelimitations on your local currency like for Bangladesh payment method is Bikas which waywe give you payment weekly once because of still we are not getting Bangladesh countryrepresentative and for that your Bikas payment rate will be each 1$=70-80 BDT taka. In Indiawe are giving payment in Indian currency PayTM(temporary)between 2-7 days. Internationallyyou can get also your payment with PayPal account and that you can get in 24 hours. We arelooking Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani country representative.

★What's the procedure of any post in this site?

Your post should be organic, logical, should not be unnecessary words or sentences. Singleword post should not be acceptable for earnings points. Should not post with only emoji.Should not share any link with any comments section or as a post not allow to share anythird party's reffrell link, promotional link,audio, video clips or your own website link or otherslinks. In your timeline should not be share any earning links, hacking links or any covetablelinks to audiences. Here also we are mentioning for your support or help you can share 10%any perfect or acceptable links which can be reffrell link, promotional link or any business linkremember here any hacking site or illegal website or third party's link should not be share.You don't have Right to make a miss comment about our site. Please be polite with everyoneand get respect as well as you expect.